Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Shoplifting - Detention - Arrest - How to limit your Liability

Retail loss prevention s a profession that is responsible for reducing inventory losses inside retail stores. Loss Prevention Officers manage in-store security programs that focus on reducing inventory losses due to employee theft, shoplifting, fraud, vendor theft, and accounting errors. Like others in the security industry, retail Loss Prevention Officers must interact with store personnel and store customers when dishonestly or carelessness occurs. As you can imagine, accusing someone of dishonestly or carelessness is not a small matter and must be done with the utmost care and professionalism. Handled inappropriately, situations can arise that find the retail store owner in unwanted litigation, undesirable publicity, and added cost. Global Security Services has specialized training for each retail client site that ensures the Loss Prevention Officers know what they are expected to do at all times and in all situations. Contact us for further information on how you can reduce your property losses, maintain your positive public image, and improve your business' bottom line.

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