Residential Security

Residential Security

Peace of mind

  1. Use quality locks on all entrances, including service doors and gates.

  2. Don't leave keys "hidden" outside of your home.

  3. Keep doors locked even when you or family are at home.

  4. Install locks on your fuse boxes or power panel and other external power sources.

  5. If you have bars on your windows, review fire safety and escape routes with your family.

  6. If you have security alarms, check and use them.

  7. Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor, in addition to one in the kitchen.

  8. Regularly check smoke detectors and the replace batteries.

  9. Vary daily routines and avoid predictable behavior patterns.

  10. Know where your family members are at all times.

Contact Global Security Services to:

  1. Help protect your family and home with the very best home security system!

  2. At Global Security Services, we install state of the art home security systems including burglar alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.

  3. Our products are easy to use and very affordable, and feature our highly advanced, 24-hour home alarm monitoring services.

  4. We can help you select a home security system to help protect the people and things you love most in life which is an extremely important decision.

  5. Call us at (602) 252-2886 and ask for Mark.

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