Scott Stern is a decorated veteran with over twenty years of first hand experience in undercover surveillance techniques including video, audio, and related advanced technical electronic surveillance equipment. His extensive investigative experience includes vice, narcotics, burglary, and fraud. His additional experience includes investigative work with the U.S. Naval Investigative Team (NIT), conducting all types of military and criminal investigations. Scott has conducted technical traffic investigations for the U.S. Navy, Guam Police, Phoenix Police, and Mesa Police. His sixteen years of experience providing leadership as the Division Head of Global Special Investigations in the corporate and private sector has resulted in unique specialization. This includes all types of surveillance, background investigation, asset search, site security evaluation, private protection, and witness protection. Scott conducts regular instruction in personal defense and protection, basic gun handling and safety, concealed weapons permit (CCW), armed security, and criminal investigations. He has black belts in five martial arts disciplines. He is also an instructor for AZ/CCW licenses. Other courses Mr. Stern teaches are: advance shooting techniques, tactical shooting techniques, and basic rifle and shotgun techniques.

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